Initially, the auto-responder or autoresponder is a tool that allows you to manage and send e-mails to your contacts.

It is an essential tool to establish a lasting relationship with your prospects in order to turn them into future customers and thus develop their business.

But this tool, in its initial version, is not enough!


For me, the term « tool » is a software or rather a computer program that performs a series of actions from instructions we gave it.


The auto-responder is « programmed » to send e-mails to his contacts.


There are many more or less complete auto-responders that need or need other software to work.

The paragraphs below generally apply to all auto-responders as well as those below:

  • « ActiveTrail »
  • « ClickFunnels »
  • « SendinBlue »
  • « Aweber »
  • « Systeme.IO » ou « Systeme IO »
  • « MailChimp »
  • « SG Autorepondeur »
  • « LearnyBox »
  • « GetResponse »


  • Autoresponder

    • What if we talked about auto-responder?
    • Choose an auto-responder for my site …
    • Where is my autoresponder?
  • Contacts and emailing

    • How to retrieve e-mail addresses from your visitors in your contact list?
    • 2 methods to send an e-mail to your contact list
    • Why segment your contacts and associate them with a TAG?
  • Transformation Tunnels, Capture or Sale

  • Capture tunnel
    • A) The single page
    • B) Form version
    • C) Pop-Up
  • First a sales tunnel
    • the simple version
    • more complex…
  • The pages…

    • With a « sales page« 
    • Not to mention the « payment page« 
    • Add an « additional sales page » to increase your « average basket« !
      • « Up-Sell« 
      • « Order Bump« 
      • Do not forget to add a « down-sell page« !
    • End with a « thank you page« 
    • Very useful: the « information page« 
  • « Webinar or Webinar »

  • Automation with « written rules » or with a « WorkFlows Editor » (Graphic Editor) NEW !!!

  • Other services that Systeme.IO offers


It depends on the tools offered, their price, their characteristics and your objectives.

You can find autoresponders:

  • in the form of plugins

  • on an external site


Some autoresponders can be added as plugins in your site.

This is the case if you use WordPress which offers free and paid plugins.

External website

Others are outside your site.

This is the case for example of Systeme.IO which is on an external platform, that is to say a site external to yours.

Personally, I use this last tool which gives me entirely satisfaction. It is not free except in its trial version which lasts 14 days.

But if you compare it to other tools, it is surely cheaper. Plus a whole set of very interesting features that are added regularly according to the demands of users who are at least, to date, more than 1400.




As seen previously, the auto-responder manages e-mails but is not intended to collect them, that is to say, to propose a form that appears on your site.

It was therefore necessary at first to find other tools that achieve this functionality.

But once the tool has retrieved information about the prospect is usually his e-mail and his name, what can he do with it?

The answer is « nothing » because the tool is just planned to collect this information. A second step is missing, which consists in transmitting this information to the auto-responder.

On the internet, you will find a set of external tools or plugins that offer to retrieve information about a visitor using a form and send it to your autoresponder. Often the connection with your auto-responder is already planned.

Then, it is more or less easy to establish the connection between the 2 tools.

And for Systeme.IO?

No need for external tools because this tool has default forms that we can modify thanks to its editor which is powerful enough to have tested it.

This feature is integrated into Systeme.IO, the email, first name and other information you have chosen are directly transferred to your contact list.

Some forms have default fields like « First Name » and « E-mail » but you can add a dozen others such as Name, Address, Zip Code, City, Country, Phone Number …

The recovered information is stored in the contact tab for Systeme.IO.

Tip 1: Love your prospects with a « lead magnet »!

But what is a Lead Magnet? 

And the question you need to ask yourself: 

Why this prospect will fill out your form ? 

There is a good chance he will not want to do it unless you give him some kind of « carrot », that is, a present. It must be a gift that develops a certain « magnetism » and that « likes » the prospect in order to attract it. 

So you propose in your form a free content or bonus that is called a « Lead Magnet » or « magnet to prospect ». In our case, these « Lead Magnets » correspond to « freebies » ie digital contents to download for free. 

In return, it gives you personal information that is called « lead ». It then becomes a « qualified prospect » because it is interested in the content of your page or your site or both. Chances are, he will accept other emails from you. 

You have several forms of gift: a pdf, access to a video, an e-book, a list of things to do to achieve its goal …

Tip 2: Are you greedy?

For my part, my answer is « yes »! 

I found a restaurant in the center of Toulouse where the cakes are in the window. They are all pretty and the choice is always difficult when choosing one! Once selected, you must take the time to taste it to discover its different subtleties. 

A form is like these cakes: There is the pretty side that attracts and the content that makes the visitor want to click. The latter is offered because it encourages the customer to click. 

But this client will click only if the content of this bonus really has value compared to the problem he wants to solve.


Everyone knows how to send an e-mail!

But we have a contact list.

Our goal is to send an email to each contact of our list when we want it.

We can do it manually, contact by contact, but it can be long and painful especially if it is regular and our list is long.

We carry out an « emailing marketing » which consists of sending e-mails to our list of contacts.

There are external tools that make these shipments but some autoresponders like Systeme.IO have this integrated function.

There are 2 methods of sending:

  • manual
  • Automatic

The purpose of these emails is to create and strengthen a marketing relationship with the customer. This is called « lead nurturing » or « prospect education ».

This is a delicate phase because it consists in retaining prospects before they become customers and during which you « feed » qualitative content and sometimes personalized.

But we must not forget that the goal is to sell. So during this step, we will need to make a tradeoff between prospect education and sales strategy.

E-mailing is an essential way to acquire new customers in order to retain them and thus make sales.

Automation simplifies e-mail and sales management.

Manual Method (Newsletter)

The first is to send a series of emails to our contact list. 

These shipments are made manually and punctually whenever we have information to communicate to our contacts. 

A newsletter is therefore a succession of emails that you send at a given time but whose content depends on your marketing strategy.

Automatic Method (Campaign)

The second is to regularly send e-mails in a specific order to a part of our contact list. 

It is possible to set the time interval between sending e-mails from a few minutes to a few days. 

An e-mail « campaign » therefore consists of automatically sending a series of e-mails automatically at a predefined sending frequency.

Example of an e-mail campaign:

first e-mail is sent following a trigger: The prospect comes, for example, to fill out a form. In general, there is also the link to the bonus offered. 

second e-mail can be sent a week later to ask what the prospect thinks of his bonus. 

third e-mail, still a week later, may contain a link to a video that is related to the bonus sent. 

fourth e-mail may correspond to a case study. 

And so on until you can send an e-mail to sell your prospect a first product followed by an exceptional offer.


We have seen that at the beginning, the autoresponder could essentially manage e-mails and that in time were grafted other functionalities like the edition of forms.

For the rest, I will tell you about my Systeme.IO autoresponder that I use.

The description of its features can be applied to other autoresponders.

Systeme.IO is an « all-in-one » solution, that is to say an « all in one » solution that suits me very well from where this article.

It is possible to add some very interesting features:

  • segmentation of contacts with tags

  • creation of capture or sales tunnels

  • automation of the autoresponder

  • invoice management

  • Use the affiliate system

  • propose the sale of trainings

  • the text editor

  • creating webinars

  • and others … because features are added regularly to Systeme.IO



« Segment » your contacts can differentiate the provenance of your visitors.

In your list, you have prospects, customers, prospects who are ready to buy …

You can not send the same email content according to your different contacts. For that, you need to differentiate them in order to optimize your objectives. Segmentation depends on your marketing choices.

A « Tag » can be added to the contact that has just subscribed to your form that is to say that the autoresponder can add in the « automation » part a kind of marker that will allow you to differentiate the from your visitors: pages of your site, your Facebook account … 

There are other methods of segmentation but this is not the purpose of this article.


These tools can give you statistics on the sending of your e-mails: Number of e-mails sent, number of e-mails opened, date of sending … 

These statistics are very important because they allow you to analyze the behavior of your contacts.


There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes it is hard to see.
(PP Marchini)

It was my opinion when I started this activity because I was wondering what can serve a tunnel and especially how to build one and therefore out … my construction.

A tunnel consists of a series of pages. We compare this tunnel to a « funnel of conversion » because we take the visitor to an action.

  • Upstream we have visitors, prospects or customers depending on the context.

  • A series of steps, ie pages, constitutes this funnel or tunnel which will transform them according to an effective marketing strategy to an action like to register or to buy according to the context.

  • Downstream, there are a lot fewer people. An action has been taken.

The complexity of the tunnel as well as the number of pages depends on your marketing strategy.

In this article, we will detail the technical aspects that autoresponders can offer, especially those of the Systeme.IO autoresponder.

The strategies put in place in these tunnels will depend on the courses you will have or that you will follow.

Systeme.IO offers the following pages for the realization of tunnels:

For the « opt-in » or « capture of prospects » part

  • Capture page
  • Forms 
  • Pop-up form 
  • Thank you page 

For the « sales tunnel » part, pages of

  • sale 
  • payment 
  • upsell 
  • downsell 
  • thanks

For the « Webinar » part, pages of

  • registration to the webinar 
  • thanks for the webinar 
  • webinar 

And finally an « information page« 


The goal of this « capture tunnel » is to get the visitor to sign up for your form and somehow to capture it. This tunnel consists of:

  • « page », « form » or « pop-up » or « exit pop-up » for the « capturing part » of visitor information

  • « thank you page »

The « capture page » is the « entrance page of this tunnel ».

Once the form is completed and validated by an « ok », your « visitor » enters your tunnel, changes status, and becomes a « qualified prospect » because he will have completed and clicked on a form.

This capture page aims to attract and have the visitor fill in your form in exchange, in general, for access to a « free bonus« .


A « landing page« , also called « page of capture » or « squeeze page« , is a page of your web site or your autoresponder which allows to recover in general the first name and especially the e-mail of your visitor!

It can consist of a wallpaper, text, images, a video … as well as fields like the one that allows you to retrieve the e-mail of your visitor.


offers you pages or forms that you can use as is. 

But according to your marketing strategy, nothing prevents you from modifying the proposed content and submitting other actions to your visitor than the one presented by default.


It is possible to build his capture page on a page of his site.

Systeme.IO provides the ability to make a capture page that you can customize.

Exemple de page de capture Systeme.IO


A second way to create a capture page is to use the Systeme.IO « form » page.

It is represented as a window that is between 2 pieces of text on your page.

Example: see the « form » version on the right in the section above « In summary ».

Exemple de formulaire de Systeme.IO

C) [Pop-up]

A third way to create a capture page is to call a « pop-up » window.

The setting of this pop-up allows to make it appear of different kinds.

Exemple de Pop-Up de Systeme.IO


A « sales tunnel« , also called « funnel » or « funnel marketing« , and a kind of « sales funnel » which must allow to provoke an act of purchase.

  • Upstream, we find visitors, prospects or old customers

  • In the middle, we find the different stages of marketing to « transform » the above people into buyers

  • Downstream, we find some customers who bought

You will have as many types of sales tunnels as courses you will follow!

  • Tunnel of
    • sale
    • dropshipping
    • webinar
    • tripwire

I propose 2 typical examples of sales tunnel knowing that the description of the pages will be presented below.

These tunnels always end with a « thank you page« .


It is a basic tunnel with a minimum of pages to sell a product with pages of

  • sale
  • payment
  • thanks



Example of a simple sales tunnel

Exemple de tunnel de vente simple


It is a less basic tunnel whose objective after a first purchase, to offer 2 other purchases, the first in the form of an « upsell » and the second in the form of a « downsell ».

  • Pages of
    • sale
    • payment
    • Upsell
    • downsell
    • thanks

Advantage: the customer does not need to re-enter his credit card for the other 2 purchases.

Example of a complex sales tunnel

Exemple de tunnel de vente complexe


The purpose of this page is to attract the prospect to turn it into a customer.

Title of this page is surely the main element.The content should reassure the reader and give him as much information about the product so that the latter chooses to buy it.

Offer must be irresistible!

Exemple de page de vente

Extrait d’une page de vente proposé par Systeme.IO


A payment page is a page of your auto-responder that allows the customer to pay for their purchases.

Systeme.IO allows to edit a payment page in which you will recover:

  • « customer details » for the invoice edition
  • number of the CB card
  • possible guarantee of refund within 30 days. (To be placed according to the price of your product and your marketing strategy)
  • What you will receive

Systeme.IO will allow you to specify the

  • link to your product if it is an infoproduct such as training
  • price of this training
  • commission that can reach an affiliate
  • « good discount » that you can put in place
  • name of this product
  • « promise of the product »
  • Purchase with « order bump« 

Note: You must provide a link to « Paypal » or « Stripe » in your auto-responder so that it can make you the payment following purchases or affiliations.

Exemple de page de paiement

This is an example of the default « payment page » offered by Systeme.IO.


An « Upsell » or « Order Bump » is a way to entice your customer to make an « additional sale« .

For this additional sale, you offer an irresistible offer at a promotional price. But the cost of this offer is higher than the cost of the initial offer.

You have 2 ways to make this additional sale, to increase your average basket:

  • You offer an « Order Bump » at your payment page.In general, this is an area where you find a check box and contains your offer.

  • Creation of an « Upsell » page at the level of your auto-responder which is in your sales tunnel.You will redirect your customer to this page which details this offer after it is confirmed its 1st purchase.



  • This additional sale must be presented as a complementary sale to the original bid.
    Example: « Take advantage of this offer complementary to your training to start well by obtaining a telephone professional assistance of 1 hour at -50% at the price of 100 € instead of 200 € ».
  • This offer is only available at this time of purchase.
    Exemple d'order bump

    Example of Order Bump offered by Systeme.IO


    A « down-sell » page is a way to encourage your customer to buy a cheaper offer than previous ones with less services or benefits.

    The « Downsell » page is in your sales tunnel.

    It is always an additional sale that will increase your average basket!


    In any case, do not forget to thank your visitor for his registration!

    Once the visitor has signed up for your capture page, you must thank him and encourage him to continue moving on to other actions.

    This is the main goal of this page.

    Sample thank you page from Systeme.IO.


    As the name suggests, it’s a page to give information.

    Here, Systeme.IO proposes by default a page on the « Privacy Policy » that you can modify.

    Exemple de page d'information


    « Webinar » is a means for conducting internet meetings in order to present a concept, often by a coach or trainer, to other connected Internet users.

    Each listener has voluntarily decided to participate in this webinar by receiving a link by e-mail.

    This system has the advantage of being more economical than meeting in a room with a simple computer but can reach more people themselves connected to the internet. This allows you to also have statistics on the number of registrants, those who participate … The chat allows to retrieve live reviews of listeners.

    The word « Webinar » is the contraction of the words « web » and « seminar ».

    Systeme.IO also offers webinars and 3 pages for the webinar tunnel:

    • pages
      • webinar (registration)
      • thank you for the webinar
      • the webinar

    Coach or trainer


    Set of connected users.


    Automation at the level of Systeme.IO, for those who know a little computer science, allows to realize a structure of the type:
    « IF a triggering event occurs THEN perform an action« .

    Systeme.IO offers several types of « trigger events« . For example, a visitor has just signed up for a form or a new sale has just been completed.

    It then proposes different « actions« . For example, an email is sent or the customer will be able to access a training he has just purchased.

    What could then give a structure of type:
    SI A visitor has just registered for a form
    THEN Associate him with a TAG and
    send him an e-mail of thanks.

    strength of Systeme.IO is that it allows to combine this automation system with tunnels, pages, TAGs, email campaigns … We get then a very powerful set of « e-mailing »!

    Second strength of Systeme.IO is its steady evolution in relation to user needs. The team and especially Aurélien Amacker are listening to its users. What has been described in this article may perhaps be a little different in a while, because Systeme.IO will have evolved some of its features. has just « equipped itself » with a « Workflow Editor » which is a way to manage the automation of tasks associated with events and to perform actions using a graph.


    Exemple de structure Si événement Alors action

    Examples of algorithms representing the typical structure of an automation.

    Exemple de structure Si événement Alors action


    The purpose of this article was to describe the features that an autoresponder can offer you.

    Systeme.IO offers you an online help but also allows to add information about your products, your coupons, your orders, your payments, your subscriptions, the invoices of your affiliates, your trainings, your packs of formations, pupils and your affiliate programs.

    You will also be able to add information about your profile, your subscription, your payment gateways, your email settings, your member sites, your payment pages, your affiliate program, your personalized domain names and on your password.

    Do not hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter and / or join my Facebook group below.

    This is a personal summary, done over a year ago, after working on many courses that I bought, reading articles found on the internet and many (too often) emails that I received.

    I did not realize copying / pasting of content because I respect too much the intellectual property of each author.

    The realization of this first article of more than 3,000 words was a kind of challenge that asked me a lot of work and even after several re-readings of this article something could escape me.
    If you thought that was the case, thank you for contacting me by email at to remove or modify from this article the content that could offer problem. Thanks in advance.

    Google translation was used for these article on this web page.

    I hope there will not be too many translation errors. Thank you !